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What is 49 CFR Part 26?

49 CFR Part 26:

Title 49 of the CFR, or Code of Federal Regulations, regulates transportation. Section 26 seeks to ensure nondiscrimination in the award and administration of Department of Transportation (DOT) contracts in the highway, transit, and airport financial assistance programs. 49 CFR part 26 is focused on participation of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises, or DBEs. You may be required to adhere to 49 CFR part 26 if you receive any of the following types of department of transportation funds:

  • Federal-aid highway funds
  • Federal transit funds
  • Airport funds

49 CFR Part 26 adds several requirements to the process of receiving DOT funding.  For example:

  • Records must be kept for reporting
  • Contractors and recipients must make DBE assurances
  • Policy statements
  • A liaison officer may be necessary
  • Prompt payment mechanisms
  • A DBE directory
  • Training programs
  • Monitoring
  • Goal setting
  • Certification
  • Responding to audits

Compliance with 49 CFR part 26 begins with an effective DBE program due to the numerous requirements of part 26.  With EBO software, compliance is now easier than ever.